Dhaka University exam control dont published then 3rd year exam Routine

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In the last 10/10/2017, a routine Facebook and some online portals are viral. From then on, everyone started to consider the routine as the upcoming 3rd year honors test routine, but there is no information on the website of Dhaka University. In such a situation, the question is whether the routine is the original routine or not? From a group of seven colleges related to the University of Dhaka, it is known that the copy of the draft copy from Dhaka College has been sent to him. This draft has been sent from 6 more colleges. With the copy of these 6 colleges, the draft copy of the Dhaka College will be similar. Under these circumstances, the talk of Dhaka University’s examiner with the regulator. He said we have not yet released any routine. “However, he acknowledged the authenticity of the seven colleges drafts and said,” We will finalize the final decision after monitoring the draft routine. Then we will publish the final routine. “On the question that will begin the examination, he said,” The test will start from October 23. ”

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On the other hand, it is found that the third year routine has not been reached for the government Titumir College. According to the same information, they also told from Suhrawardy College that they still did not get routine hands. They said, “The jurisdiction of the college is not there. It is only monitored whether the subject codes are correct. “

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