NU Admission Subject Change Migration System 2017-2018 (With Video)

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In the 1st or 2nd merit list of honors 1st year admission process at the National University, admission seekers can apply for change in case if they do not like their privileged issue. This process is called change or migration. Let’s know the details of the migration process.

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In case of migration, no other case will be available
If you get a chance from 1st or 2nd merit list, you can migration. The recipients of the release slip will not get the chance of migration.
Subject to migration seats in migration-related colleges and subject to merit scores, subject matter will be changed in the subject of their subject matter. Suppose you have given the subject during the application: 1. English, 2 Economy, 3 Bengali, 4. History 5 Social Science.

Now you have a chance to get a chance from the number 2-5. Then you can apply for migration only for the number of topics that you have got the opportunity to do. But migration can not apply if the opportunity number 1 is available.

If you change your subject in migration, then the admission of previous subjects will be canceled and admission will be confirmed. In this case, there will be no scope for returning to the previous issue. But if the subject does not change in the migrations, the admission will be in the previous case.
Migration application method
The method of migration is very easy. You have to be admitted in the prescribed method but before that you have to do a little work. When completing the online admission form “Do you want to change your assigned topic?” YES or NO “will get this option.
Here ticks are usually ticked. You have to tweet the YES for migration. If you do this work only then your application will be made. But you must be admitted to the merit list. To know more about this, see the following video: The results of the migration process

The results of migration from the 1st merit list are given in the results of the second merit list, and the results of migration from the second merit list will be given with results of the quota before the application of the release slip.

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