Admission Instructions for whom who got chance to 1st merit

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Important dates for admission in the first merit list. See result here  National University Honours Admission 1st Merit List Result 2017-18

Time limit for submission of online final admission forms to meritorious students on the merit list, as per registration no. 11 in accordance with the admission of the admission in the concerned college: 02/10/2013 to 10/10/2017

Join our group to find any information related to admission  National University Admission Helpline (2017-18)

Deadline for final admission of students admitted on 1st merit list by concerned college: 03/10/2007 to 11/10/2013
Distinguished part of the registration fee for the students admitted by the affiliated colleges (as per the 11th pass of admission guidelines), the National University’s D.D. Instead of “Golden Service”, the date of submission of any golden bank branch in the relevant area will be downloaded from the college login by clicking on the Admission Payment information (Honors) option and clicking on Pay Slip. In the pay slip, the 1st year of the academic year (Honor) will be filled in the ‘Registration Fee’ of Savings Account No. 0218100000134 for the admission process, and the total copy of the note will be printed and any copy of the ‘Sonali Service’ provider with the print copy will be deposited in nearest Sonali Bank branch. To collect: 15/10/2013 to 18/10/2013
1st year of the academic year of the year 2017-18: Starting date: 15/10/2017
All documents that will be required to be admitted

From the original application form online – 2 sets (must print A4 offset white paperwork).
Initial application of the admission-2 set.
Passport size photographs 4 and stamp size 4 should be written down (can be more than college).
Certified Photocopy of SSC and HSC certificates / testimonials – 2 sets.
Verification of SSC and HSC original paper (original copy of HSC) – 2 sets.
Verification of SSC and HSC registration card (original copy of HSC) – 2 sets.
Cash Deposit Receipt
Character Certificates (commonly considered, can be found in some colleges) – 2.
Note that all the documents should be copied 2 copies of 2 sets, one copy should be submitted to the departmental seminar and one copy will be submitted to the office.

Admission fee: The admission fee is different from the college, so it is better to know from the notice board of their college. Generally, if the government college is 3-5 thousand and the private college is between 10 thousand rupees.

Did not get the expected topic in the 1st merit list?

In the 1st Medal of Honor’s 1st year admission process at the National University, admission seekers can apply for change in the subject if they do not like their scope. This process is called change or migration.

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